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Rodney Layman Reid.

1968 was a  definitive time for Rodney Reid. He started high school at the beginning of the mandate for desegregation. Rodney helped to found the Human Relations Council which brought a better balance to student government.    

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Karen Lynnette Dace

Encouraged by her parents to aim for the sky, Karen Dace went to the University of Utah where she joined a culture of diversity and “trying harder”.

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Betty Jo-Ann Montgomery Perry

With tears in her eyes, young Betty Jo-Ann  listened to her first youth orchestra in NYC and realized  that playing music would be a way to escape a life limited by poverty.

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Vop Osili

Posted in: , , , , , Story by: May 26, 2017

Vop Osilli’s earliest memories are from Nigeria at the beginning of civil war when his mother, an American, decided it was time to leave.

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Carolyn Elizabeth Mosby

Carolyn Mosby tells about her start in public relations and politics at the age of 11 giving speeches for a new State Representative, her mother!

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Crystal V. Rhodes

Posted in: , , , Story by: May 26, 2017

A successful  writer and producer of plays and television programs, Crystal Rhodes offers advice to those who have “The call of the dream!”

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Albert Leslie Coleman

Albert Colemen, a drummer like his father, reflects on playing Jazz all over the world with many of Indy’s best musicians.

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Jayla Naiken

Posted in: Story by: April 27, 2017

Traditional values from India, raised in South Africa, and coming to America all played a role in finding a wife for Jaya Naiken.

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Garry Chilluffo

Posted in: , , , , , , Story by: January 26, 2017

In the 1980’s when Garry Chilluffo moved from Broad Ripple to buy a home in the decaying neighborhood of Saint Joseph’s  he joined a colorful group of preservationists to save the historic houses from demolition.

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Amparo de la Peña.

Posted in: , , , , Story by: January 26, 2017

A granddaughter of immigrants in Uruguay, Amparo set off for a new life in America to explore the frontier of Science.  All of her worldly possessions were packed in just two suitcases.

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