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Hyatt, Liza

Posted in: , , , Story by: December 5, 2015

Liza Hyatt talks about what she does as an Art Therapist and the ancient connections between art, story and healing.

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Corbett, Thomas

Thomas Corbett has volunteered countless of hours and biked thousands of miles in support of those who suffer from multiple sclerosis. It all began with a red, single speed Schwinn.

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Fong, Belinda

Posted in: , , , Story by: December 4, 2015

An Unexpected Thanksgiving. Belinda, a recent immigrant from Austrailia, tells how overcoming an early hearing loss increased her love of music and her appreciation of other kinds of people.      

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Bridges, Tiffanie Ginita Gates

Posted in: , , , , Story by: May 12, 2015

An excerpt of Tiffanie Bridges life story interview tells about getting into the world of theatre where she found acceptance for her size and appreciation for her considerable talents.  

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Peerless, David John

  Educator and Professional Storyteller David Peerless tells of his childhood years in Cleveton, England where he paid close attention to stories people told about how the world had changed and then made his own observations to that effect. This sampler of his stories will leave you wanting more.  

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Borel, Daisy Elizabeth

In excerpts of her life story, Daisy Borel describes the sheltered self-suffiency of the African American community along Capital Avenue in down town Indianapolis of the 1930’s and 1940’s. When she returned to Indy from Tennessee with a BS in Nursing and a family she experienced the more subtle racial discrimination of the North.

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Davis, Andrea Angela

Posted in: , , , Story by: December 7, 2013

After surviving breast cancer and gaining a lot of weight, Andrea Davis set a goal to participate in races every month and lost over 100 lbs. In this commentary after her written account,  Angela tells about some of the races she attended and some of the things she has learned from the process.

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Rosenthal, Ellen Marcy

Posted in: , Story by: December 2, 2013

Ellen Rosenthal tells of researching the history of her great-grandfather, Maurice Rosenthal, a Jewish peddler during the 1880’s; a challenging time for families living in the tenement apartments of New York City.

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Kenninger, Donna Rae Peek

Donna Kenninger, a retired nurse, tells about being a volunteer storyteller at Riley Hospital for Children, the power of story and how electronics are a curious new distraction for pediatric patients.    

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Rothenberg, Jeff Michael

Posted in: , , , , Story by: September 14, 2013

Jeff Rothenberg readily shares his passions for his work as a surgeon and his advocation of glass art and explains how they balance in his life. When asked to honor Dick Lugar’s greatest achievements and 36 years of service to Indiana in glass, how did Jeff use his knowledge of chemistry and anatomy? He tells the story… Hear more about Jeff and Joani Rothenberg’s life stories at:

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