True stories of everyday people

Assante, Deborah smallThe Life Stories Project involves recording and sharing the true stories of everyday people. Yes, that’s right – your stories of childhood, mom and dad, grandparents, summer vacations, holidays, work life, the war, family traditions, your childhood home and so much more.

Using volunteers to record the stories, we schedule recording times twice a year – once in November and once in the spring at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center. To register call Ellen Munds at 317-576-9848. Plan on your recording session lasting up to one hour. To help you prepare for your recording session, we have developed some helpful hints and prompts.

All individuals wanting to record their stories will need to complete an identification form and sign a release form allowing us to take your photograph, placing a portion of the recording on our website, and archiving the original recording in the oral history collection at the Indiana Historical Society. You will receive a copy of the original recording for your own use.

The stories and photographs will be placed on-line for family, friends, neighbors and the entire community to hear. Through these stories, we hope to celebrate our commonalities and differences to create a stronger, more vibrant community as well as leaving a legacy of stories for generations to come.