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Silva, Artur

Posted in: , , Story by: November 12, 2013

CULTURAL CANNIBALS is “One of the most audacious cultural experiments currently happening” – Nuvo Newsweekly. They combine ethnic music, graphics, dance together in multi-media and multi-culural events across Indianapolis. Co-founder Artur Silva talks about being a hybrid of two cultures and creating a world where ever you are. SEE ALSO – Kyle Long THE CULTURAL CANNIBALS STORY:

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Fonseca, Bryan Douglas

Posted in: , , , Story by: October 31, 2013

“Why do you do it?” Phoenix Theatre Director / Producer Bryan Fonseca tells about how he decided what to do with his life.

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Webb, Teresa Lynn

Posted in: , , Story by: October 22, 2013

Teresa Webb greets us and tells the story about how she came to be a keeper of spirit flutes and how she draws from within to produce healing music on them.  A third generation Anishinaabe storyteller, Teresa uses music and stories in her work as a Cultural Awareness Educator at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis.

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Virgin, Janice Kay

Janice Virgin describes an idyllic childhood during the fifties and sixties in Indianapolis; full of fashion, sports and freedom.

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Asaykwee, Ben Thomas

Posted in: , , , , Story by: October 14, 2013

Take the classic literature of Edgar Allen Poe and turn it into successful modern musical theatre. Absurd?  That is exactly what actor/musician/playwright Ben Asaykwee did.  Ben tells the story of why he created Cabaret Poe in Chicago and brought it to Indianapolis where it continues to make a difference in peoples’ lives.    

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McCann, Kim Kay

Posted in: , , , , , Story by: October 13, 2013

After publishing her first professional magazine article In LA, Kim returns to the Upper Peninsula for a memorable visit with one of her most important artistic influences.

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Strickland, Paul

Posted in: , , , Story by: October 1, 2013

Beth, the babysitter, is nice but she does not know what  four-year-old Paul wants for lunch when he asks for “Foffy.” So begins the quest for food and understanding.

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Rothenberg, Jeff Michael

Posted in: , , , , Story by: September 14, 2013

Jeff Rothenberg readily shares his passions for his work as a surgeon and his advocation of glass art and explains how they balance in his life. When asked to honor Dick Lugar’s greatest achievements and 36 years of service to Indiana in glass, how did Jeff use his knowledge of chemistry and anatomy? He tells the story… Hear more about Jeff and Joani Rothenberg’s life stories at:

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Rothenberg, Joani Keller

Posted in: , , , , Story by: September 14, 2013

Joani Rothenberg, an Art Therapist, explains how the process of art gave her more freedom for expression as an individual, a common language and interest in her marriage and a way to bring positive energy back into the environment for the cancer patients she serves. More on the life stories of Joani and her husband Jeff Rothenberg at: Andrea-muraskin – Jeff-and-joani-rothenberg-on

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Whitener, Frances Fowler

Posted in: , , , Story by: August 24, 2013

After a childhood in Martinsville, North Carolina, reading plays and dreaming of being a teacher of drama, Frances faced the frightening real life drama of serious heath issues. When Frances and her husband Rick came to Indianapolis they found job opportunities, medical expertise and a good life together.

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