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Huston, Mack (Joe)

Posted in: , , , , , Story by: June 7, 2019

During his childhood in the fifties when the topics of religion and sex were far more sensitive, Mack describes his experience with different churches.

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Eldridge, Myla Anne

Myla Anne tells how she worked with both major political parties as the head of the Election Board to create satellite voting locations and to make Marion County a “Vote Center County”.

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Moore, Venita Jean

After attending Historically Black Colleges, earning a CPA, working for Governor Bayh, and founding her own CPA firm Venita was called upon to run for IPS Commissioner. Her grown daughter said, “Why not?”

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Barton, Nancy Ann

Nancy Barton’s Mother kept a journal about important moments in Nancy’s life from birth to eighteen years of age. It is a gift of love that Nancy encourages others to do for their children.

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Robinson, Lisa Lopez

Lisa works with college students; helping them discover their gifts and potential. Is it any wonder that she was raised and influenced by people who encouraged her creativity and the love of learning new things?

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Harris, Tronay Deon

Deon shares the beginning of his life story of escaping poverty and crime that he tells to all of the young African American men he counsels as a police officer / leader in the Our Kids program.

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Scott, Leonard Stephen

Leonard studied dentistry to please his father, but he was personally drawn to music. He tells the story of a three day fast that led to creating a string of original gospel songs and ultimately TyScott Records.    

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Munds, Ellen Hart

Posted in: , , , , Story by: November 25, 2018

During her childhood Ellen Hart Munds visited River House, the beautiful home of her Great Grandmother Nelly in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Over the years Ellen has kept family history alive by passing the stories about Nelly and other relatives along to the next generation.

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Hall, John Raymond

Posted in: , , , , , , Story by: October 23, 2018

John Hall shares lessons learned about making friends, the importance of a stable home, and working for good companies and good people.  

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Bussell, Carol

Posted in: Story by: June 7, 2018

Born in New York, Carol Bussell is a professor at IUPUI who uses stories in her teaching. She came to her Life Stories intervew with family artifacts, journals, diaries, photos, and most importantly books!

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